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The Skin Becomes Darker When Pregnant. Normal

In addition to an enlarged abdomen, weight gain, hair loss, swollen feet, there is one more change that can be experienced by pregnant women, namely the skin color becomes darker. Mother might be wondering, is this normal? Will the skin return to normal after giving birth? Come on, find the answer, Bun. Mother may have found the skin to be darker than usual and black spots or spots appear on the skin during pregnancy. Though Mother felt rarely out of the house and rarely exposed to sunlight. Mother does not need to worry if you experience this condition. Because these conditions are very reasonable and experienced by many other pregnant women. Why Does My Skin Become Darker When Pregnant? In the medical world, one condition that causes the skin to appear darker during pregnancy is called melasma. This condition is usually triggered by hormonal changes during pregnancy that stimulate melanin production in the body. Melanin itself is the body's natural pigment that gives color